Jet Process Corporation

Specialists in Thin Film Solder Coatings & Other Advanced Thin Films for High Tech Applications



Thin film metal deposition service based on our proprietary Jet Vapor Deposition (JVD) process

JVD™ enables innovative and otherwise unavailable thin film solutions for advanced technology applications.  JVD's low temperature, low vacuum operating conditions provide high rate deposition, high utilization of source material, and is a clean, environmentally sound operation that offers many advantages over competing thin film metalizing techniques.


Our Specialties 

  • Solders: nearly all elements and multi-component alloys used in microelectronics


  • Gold-tin alloys:  80/20,  78/22,  75/25,  73/27
  • Indium,  InSn,  Sn,  SnAg,  SnCu,  SnAgCu (SAC),  SnInAg,  SnAgSb,  etc.

Adhesion/Barrier Layers

  • Ti Pt Au,  Ti Ni Au  and  others

Related Materials

  • Au, Cu,  Ag,  Sn,  Ni,  Cr,  Ti,  Ta  and others


  • Low temperature deposition on photoresist masks
  • Alloy deposition in atomic or nanocluster form;  platinum cluster films
  • Solder bumps as small as 4 microns diameter
  • A high rate, economical, environmentally clean process
  • Fast turnaround times